Investing In An Air Tight Stash Jar Offers A Top ROI August 17, 2020 0 Comments Business

Investing In An Air Tight Stash Jar Offers A Top ROI

Individuals who use hemp or cannabis for medical or recreational purposes often discover that the product is hard to store. Exposure to humidity, UV light, and even the air, and more specifically mold spores or contaminants, can rapidly degrade the quality of the flower.

In poor storage conditions, cannabis and hemp may last only a few weeks. Investing in an air tight stash jar for each variety you have on hand can extend the safe storage of flowers for up to a year without any loss in flavor, quality, or potency. Knowing the extended shelf-life of cannabis for at-home storage allows consumers to buy larger quantities at one time, resulting in the ability to get the strain you want when it is available. It can also help with reducing costs with larger purchases.

Best Storage Conditions

The choice of an air tight stash jar eliminates the concern of airborne contaminants. Typical household temperatures and humidity levels are ideal for the growth of mold, fungus, and mildew, so keeping air out of the container is critical.

A controlled environment that offers a humidity range of 59 to 63% relative humidity is ideal for retaining the potency, flavor, and color of the flower. Temperatures should be under 75 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal storage, with lower temperatures reducing the breakdown of THC into the cannabinoid CBN.

UV light is also a problem, but most people do not want to store their flowers in a dark closet. Choosing anair tight stash jar that also offers UV lighting allows for easy visibility without the need for exposure of the container to sunlight.

Extended the life of cannabis and hemp flower while also maintaining the quality of the product is possible with the right stash jar. Investing in the best possible storage options will save money in the long run and protect your stash.

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