Custom Closed-Cell Foam Marine Flooring Will Turn Heads at the Marina August 16, 2021 0 Comments Boat Accessories

Custom Closed-Cell Foam Marine Flooring Will Turn Heads at the Marina

It’s important for marine flooring to not only be slip-proof, but it should also look good and stay cool. If it’s time for new decking on your boat, you should consider a deck made from cross-linked PE/EVA foam. This is a sturdy type of closed-cell foam that can come in a dozen colors and designs and can be custom cut to fit your boat.

Custom foam marine flooring will not only provide safety and comfort but will also turn heads at the marina. That’s because this type of boat decking not only comes in eye-popping colors and patterns, it can also be embossed with your logo or monogram. Fishing boats can have a ruler embossed onto the deck so that you can measure your catch. With custom foam decking, your boat instantly becomes one-of-a-kind and totally unique.

In order to measure your boat for custom foam decking, it will be digitally scanned. That information will then be used by a CAD designer to create the pattern for your new marine decking. Once your foam decking is cut, it will be professionally installed for the perfect finish. Once installed, foam decking will last for years.

Whether you own a small boat or a large yacht, a custom-cut closed-cell foam deck is safe, remains cool, and looks fabulous. You can find local dealers and independent contractors that can install such a deck.

Visit the DEKit website to find a local dealer or independent contractor to install your new foam marine decking