3 Steps to Take to Prepare for Mold Removal in Your Billings Home January 13, 2022 0 Comments Fire Damage Restoration Service

3 Steps to Take to Prepare for Mold Removal in Your Billings Home

When your home suffers water damage in Billings, MT, it’s important to have it repaired quickly. In a very short time, mold will begin to form as a result of the moisture and changing temperatures. In some cases, you may not notice the damage right away, and your home may already have mold growth as a result. When you do have mold growth, you’ll have to prepare for mold remediation.

Dry the Area

The first step in preparing for mold removal in Billings, MT, is to ensure the cause of the initial water damage has been repaired. If you have a leaking or burst pipe, be sure to get those repairs completed first. Your next step will be to dry the area. You can use fans and your air conditioner for this purpose. If there are windows in the area, open them as well.

Remove Furnishings

Any items that are in the area should be removed before the remediation team visits your home. This includes furnishings that may have also suffered water damage in Billings, MT. Those items should be checked for mold and discarded if you spot any signs of mold growth. Otherwise, put them in a warm, dry area where they can dry out.

Close Off the Area

Breathing air that’s contaminated with mold spores can cause respiratory problems. Until your mold removal in Billings, MT, is scheduled, you should keep the affected area closed off. The parts of your home closest to the mold growth should also be cleaned with disposable wipes. Any trash, including contaminated furnishings, should be wrapped in thick plastic bags before being deposited in outdoor trash receptacles for pickup.

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