Displaying Traditional and Digital Billboards in Texas and Louisiana January 14, 2022 0 Comments Digital Printing

Displaying Traditional and Digital Billboards in Texas and Louisiana

Printed Billboards

When promoting your company or organization on billboards in Texas, you will save significantly on traditional printed formats. Conventional paper and vinyl advertisements could be quickly installed at billboards that stand near major highways and other roads throughout the Lone Star State. When hiring billboard advertising companies in Texas, you will review and finalize your ads based on the available budget. You could lease billboards in Texas on a monthly basis for maximum exposure in the short term. Depending on the season, the rental rates for the printed ads will vary significantly. Billboard advertising companies in Texas will install powerful projectors and other lighting systems that fully illuminate your printed ads. Additionally, waterproof covers and UV-resistant coatings might be applied to protect the billboards from any fading and other damage.

Digital Billboards

When hiring billboard advertising companies in Louisiana, you could pay for digital displays at highly targeted locations. Such electronic advertisements must be properly synced with special software and hardware at the point of use. Billboard advertising companies in Louisiana will adjust the electronic components for your custom digital ads on highways or shopping centers. You could choose the unique colors and other dynamic visual effects for the digital presentations. High-capacity batteries might be integrated into the back end for providing alternative power when the electricity supply is disrupted. Digital billboards should include special displays that prevent glare and other visual glitches during the day.

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