Take Advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program Free Phones March 9, 2023 0 Comments Broadband Service

Take Advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program Free Phones

The Affordable Connectivity Program is here to make internet access affordable. With the free phone ACP, you can afford the internet and work, study, access health care, and do much more online.

What Do You Get with the Program?

The program, which was created by Congress, benefits eligible households with up to a $30 discount on internet service up to $75 per month. It is a one-month discount. You also have a one-time $100 discount to purchase a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer as long as you contribute between $10 and $50 of the purchase price.

You can get a free phone to enjoy affordable connectivity. As long as you meet the set qualifications, you can claim your discount. New and existing customers are welcome to apply for the discount and start having fun on the internet. The monthly service plan offers amazing talk, text, and internet services for your family use.

Who Qualifies for the ACP Program?

The free phone ACP is available for anyone in programs such as Medicaid, SSDI, SNAP, WIC, Federal Public Housing, and Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit. People who are on school feeding programs and those who have received a Federal Pell Grant are also eligible. Before you enroll for this program, you will need to show proof that you are in any of the programs above.

Opt-In and Get Discounted Phones

Choose from the collection of free phones, from Samsung smartphones, Google Pixel, and Motorola smartphones. Check out the phones that are available in your state and start enjoying the discounted broadband service from Safetynetwireless.com at https://safetynetwireless.com/. It is easy to opt-in through the online self-service tool or through an opt-in SMS for existing customers.