Small Vineyards of Northern Virginia Create a Unique and Enjoyable Wine Experience October 3, 2019 0 Comments Business

Small Vineyards of Northern Virginia Create a Unique and Enjoyable Wine Experience

Small and family-owned wineries in northern VA offers excellent unique local selections of wines very close to urban Washington, D.C. The small wineries of the northern Virginia area produce some wines that have a unique character that is a result of the local soil and weather conditions. Each bottle is the result of the cooperation between Mother Nature and an artisan winemaker.

Harvest Timing

One of the factors that affect the character of the wine is harvest timing. In general, the earlier grapes are picked, the more tannin they will have. They will also tend to have higher acidity and produce lower alcohol content. As grapes mature, the amount of tannin is reduced, and the wine will tend to be sweeter and have lower acid. When grapes are picked later, sometimes additives will be used to make them have a fuller body. Picking the grapes at the perfect moment is part of the artistry.

Varietal and Weather

Of course, different types of grapes produce a different type of wine, but the flavor goes beyond the type of grape. The weather plays an important role in the wines produced by wineries near northern Virginia, too. A hot or dry summer will produce the most complex flavor profile. If cold weather and rains are predicted at the end of the season, sometimes it will force and early harvest, which affects the results.

Searching for the Unique

When searching for a unique wine that you cannot get from a larger company, small wineries are the best place to look. Every vintage will have its own characteristics, depending on the weather and timing of the harvest. Small wineries remind us of the simple things in life and have an intimate connection to the land and its abundant harvests.

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