Professional Carpet Installation In Oakland July 31, 2020 0 Comments Business

Professional Carpet Installation In Oakland

Why can’t homeowners install carpet themselves? Carpet is a product that must be installed by professionals unless it is designed for homeowner installation such as carpet squares or foam back carpet. The better quality carpets come in six and twelve-foot wide width rolls. Carpet is purchased by the foot or by the yard and cut off those rolls. Then, the installer cuts the carpet into the correct size pieces and seams it together to form a seamless floor covering. The performance of the carpet and its attractive appearance depends on expert installation and seams.

Why Choose Carpet

People choose carpet because of its appearance and comfort. They also choose carpet because it can easily be replaced when a new look is wanted. Carpet comes in many fiber choices, colors, and patterns or textures. Carpets come in all levels of quality and price points. This makes it the perfect flooring for people with small budgets and the need for new flooring. Apartment and commercial rental space owners love carpet because it is affordable enough to replace with each new tenant. Carpet Installation in Oakland by professionals assures a good product performance.

How Is Carpet Installed?

Carpet must be installed correctly to perform well. The old carpet and pad must be removed and the sub-floor cleaned and made level. Then, the tack strip around the edges must be inspected and replaced as needed. If it the first time a room will be carpeted, new tack strip must be installed on the wood or concrete sub-floor. Once the floor is ready, padding is laid in a smooth layer. Next, the carpet pieces are laid in order and seamed with special seam tape and heat equipment. The carpet design must match perfectly. The carpet knap must lay the same way. The cuts on both pieces must be perfect so there will be no gaps.

The carpet must be stretched onto the tack strip perfectly to create a smooth, level surface with just the right tension. No one wants a wavy carpet or one stretched too tight so that it wears out too soon. Professional carpet installation in Oakland assures perfectly installed carpets for all customers, contact BetterQualityCarpets by visiting their website today!