Harvesting Rainwater in the US Desert Southwest is Good for Business

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Water Treatment Plant

The American Southwest is experiencing a long-term drought, and this has resulted in a water shortage. In response, many local governments are implementing water restrictions. By installing a rainwater harvesting system, your commercial building can maintain its own water supply, independent of the municipal water system.

The runoff from a roof can produce a surprising amount of water, which can be filtered and stored. While rain is infrequent in the desert, during the monsoon season, you could harvest thousands of gallons of fresh rainwater. This can be stored and used to water landscaping during the hot, dry summer.

Commercial rainwater harvesting companies can design a system that’s ideal for your commercial property. This includes a way to divert the runoff from your roof, filter out impurities, and store it in a tank. Such systems are fully automated and require very little maintenance.

Today, there is a lot of focus placed on environmentally conscious business practices. Not only will harvest and stored rainwater keep your landscaping fresh and alive, but it’s also good for business. It demonstrates that you care about the environment to both your clientele and lenders. Not only that, it eventually pays for itself, by reducing your water bill.

If you are concerned with the impact local water restrictions could have on your business, consider installing a commercial rainwater harvesting system. It will pay for itself financially and demonstrates that your company is concerned for the environment.

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