Tips When Choosing a Dog Boarding in Manhattan For Your Pet

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Pet Services

While most pet owners would love to take their dog along with them on vacation, sometimes it’s just not practical. The hotel you’ve chosen may not allow pets or you may be planning a vacation chocked full of activities not conducive to dogs. For whatever reason your pet can’t travel with you, Dog Boarding in Manhattan is an option while you’re out of town. While prices vary amongst locations, consumers have a variety of options, from a resort you might consider for yourself to the kennel at your veterinarian’s office. Regardless of where you choose, keep the following tips in mind to select a quality temporary home.

• Call ahead of time to verify the kennel can accommodate your pet. This is especially important if you have a large breed of dog, one on medication or requiring special care. Additionally, if you plan on traveling on a holiday weekend, call early as prime locations fill up quickly.

• Schedule a personal visit prior to booking to verify the cleanliness. Check the inside and out, inspecting the runs and area where your dog will spend the majority of his time. An ideal dog run should be clean and made of concrete or gravel and completely secure, preventing dogs attempts to make a run for it.

• Check for bad odors, as a quality kennel should have sufficient ventilation to air odors. Additionally, inquire about the frequency of cleanings in the area.

• The temperature should be “just right”, not too cold and not too hot.

• Be prepared to show proof of your dog’s vaccinations. It may seem like a bother, but if they ask it of you, they’re asking it of others, preventing the spread of diseases.

Going to the Dog Boarding in Manhattan kennel can be a fun time for your dog, but you can help make it so by taking your dog’s favorite toys or blanket and remaining positive in your tone. Assure the dog he’ll have fun with upbeat tones, never apologizing for the visit. The dog senses the change in moods and could become upset. Make your goodbye brief and when you return, you’ll find a dog happy to see you, but one who also had a good time, too.

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