Tips For Hiring Companies For Snow Removal In South Bend IN

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Snow Removal

Whether you are a commercial property owner or if you simply want to have your driveway and walkways at your home kept free of ice and snow over the winter, hiring the right company to get the job done is important. In South Bend IN, winters can be difficult and finding a company before the first snow arrives should be a priority.

What to Expect

Before hiring any snow removal service in South Bend IN, it is important to consider your needs and have a good idea of what you want the company to provide. Some companies will take on unlimited numbers of customers and then struggle with trying to get customer’s areas plowed and cleaned.

Other companies have a specific time guarantee, with some offering 12-hour guarantees on their service. This is essential for commercial properties, but it is also important for residential property owners as well. Knowing how fast you require service after a big snow storm will be something to consider when you are asking about services provided.

What is a Snow Storm?

This may seem trivial, but understanding what the snow removal service considers a storm is also an important factor to ask about. Some companies will only come out if there is a storm that drops several inches of snow, while others will customize their services to meet your needs.

Snow of an inch or two can be problematic as it can result in an increased risk of the development of ice during melt and freeze cycles. Keeping even small amounts of snow off of driveways and sidewalks in and around the home is a proactive option to reduce the risk of a winter slip and fall accident.

Experience and Equipment

Many snow removal companies have a good sized fleet of trucks to plow driveways at homes or commercial access roads and parking areas, but they lack experienced drivers and plow operators. Having both the right equipment as well as experienced staff will minimize the risk of any damage to snow-covered landscaping or any damage to the property.

You should also ask about snow shoveling. Some companies only offer plowing with their service while others can provide complete shoveling services right to the door. Being clear about what you expect will help you to not only find the right service but to also get an accurate quote for the specific services you require.

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