Three Rules to Improving Existing Turf Through the Process of Seeding

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Business

One of the only ways to thicken your turf and create a healthier lawn is to add a supply of select grass seeds. A turf seeder, the right grass seeds, and the correct amount of water can help you develop great-looking turf.

Add the Right Type and Amount of Seed

The turf you want and get will greatly depend on both the amount of seeding you do and the type of seed you spread. Overseeding is one way to thicken turf subject to harsh weather conditions that thin out the grass count. Do your research well to get the type of grass seed known to thrive in your area. Getting a less hardy variety can leave you with less than optimal turf conditions.

Keep the Turf Wet Without Over-Watering

Providing a consistent supply of water is essential to getting the grass seed to germinate. The key to getting the best results in germination is to water the grass enough to get it wet without keeping the ground soggy. The comfortably wet seeds will quickly germinate and begin to grow. Seeds kept too wet will mold or rot and provide no new grass growth.

Be Careful How You Cut New Growth

New grass needs to grow to reach a height of at least 3 inches before attempting to mow. Before this height, the blades are too tender and you could easily pull it out by the roots. You can mow it at a height of 3 inches, but never remove more than one-third of the entire blade. Mowing any turf too low will cause stress and make it possible to become diseased or accepting of weeds.

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