Set the Foundation by Delivering a Great Contractor Estimate December 2, 2019 0 Comments Business

Set the Foundation by Delivering a Great Contractor Estimate

Staying at the top of your field by providing contract services is not always easy. Even though you do everything to stay abreast of industry trends such as attending contractor business workshops, some learned lessons only occur with hands-on practice.

One such lesson is creating a clear path to you and your customers’ success. To achieve this, you must create a great customer experience in the beginning and let it continue during and after the work is completed. For many, this experience begins with a contractor estimate.

Importance of the Contractor Estimate Process

Finding new customers and maintaining positive relationships with current ones are high priorities for your business’ success. This is business 101 when you operate in the service industry. Customers provide revenue streams that keep your business afloat.

Not only this, but customers are your best opportunity for securing future work and getting referrals. Therefore, you must start off right by agreeing to work and documenting everything in a written estimate. You know what’s expected and your customers know what they are paying you to do.

Delivering the Estimate

Once you gather pertinent details of a particular project, document everything, including measurements, photos and specific customer requests. Typically, you gain this level of information from preliminary discussions with a current or potential customer.

Now, you can deliver the estimate. While an idea of what to expect is good, do not lose sight of how an estimate benefits your business. You get to have upfront costs on the work you are providing so you do not under-price your services.

Seal the Deal!

Even with a perfectly prepared estimate and eager customer, you will still need to close the deal before work begins. Typically, contractor business workshops teach newly established business owners how this gets done.

However, it is always a good reminder to know how to keep your customers satisfied. Doing so all but guarantees success in current and future projects for business longevity.

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