Have You Thought About Doing Some Basement Remodeling in Canton, CT?

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Home Improvement Contractor

People sometimes forget how time moves on. That great basement finish you did thirty years ago was done to the height of fashion at the time. It is no longer that time anymore. When you go downstairs now, you cringe at the outmoded fixtures, ugly carpet, and cheap-looking paneling on the walls. Now might be a good time to do some updating.

Not only can you breathe some life into a mostly dead space, but you also get to improve the house’s energy efficiency as well. Boost your insulation up to modern levels. Replace those old incandescent fixtures with new low-energy LEDs. Get rid of the high water usage toilets and shower heads. You might even think about switching to a tankless on-demand water heater while you are at it.

This might be a nice time to construct a soundproof gaming center or clear out some space for a home gym. Refurbishing downstairs bedrooms opens up possibilities of renting that space out or having a place for grown children to stay if they need it. In short, the last time you remodeled your basement, many of the things that are now practically regarded as home essentials didn’t even exist at the time.

You can add them now and greatly improve the value of your home. Should you opt to move or refinance in the future, you will be in a much better position than you are now. Even if you aren’t sure you are ready to pull the trigger, why not look into some plans and estimates just in case?

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