Get Navajo County, AZ Bail Bonds: Fast, Inexpensive, 24/7 Service January 24, 2023 0 Comments Bail Bonds

Get Navajo County, AZ Bail Bonds: Fast, Inexpensive, 24/7 Service

What are the best bail bonds near Navajo County, AZ? The best bail bond service is affordable, timely, and discreet. Professionalism and know-how are a must as your bond agent helps you navigate the bail process. Here’s what to expect.

When is Bail Set?

The court sets bail at a special hearing. For petty misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes, you can sometimes find out your bail according to the bail schedule in the precinct, sheriff’s office, or county jail. Whether set by the court or a schedule, paying for bail is the next major hurdle.

Fortunately, paying for bail doesn’t have to be a hurdle. A seasoned, knowledgeable bond agent is standing by right now to take your call. Call any time of day, including the wee hours. The sooner you get the bail bond process in motion, the sooner you can bond out.

How Much is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond is typically 10% of the overall bail amount. If the bail schedule or court sets your bail at, say, $5,000, your bond is therefore $500. This 10% is a nonrefundable fee to the bond agent who then presents a bond to the court on your behalf. The bond agent promises the payment of bail in full to the court should you fail to appear.

Acceptable Methods of Payment

Bond agents are extremely flexible, accepting most legal forms of tender: cash, cashier’s checks, credit/debit, and electronic bank transfers. You and/or a co-signer can also apply for financing. If you qualify, financing allows you to reap the immediate benefits of a bail bond while paying down its price over time. Reach out today for the best bail bonds near Navajo County, AZ.