Four Canarm Fans that Can Benefit your New York Home or Business

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Air Distribution

Canarm is one of the world’s most respected ventilation fan manufacturers. The brand makes dependable fans for residential, commercial and industrial settings. Here are four Canarm exhaust fan types you can choose from.

Wall Exhaust Fans

Wall exhaust fans effectively remove heat, stale air and moisture from a room while providing good air circulation. They cost little to buy, they’re easy to install and maintain, and they are easy on the utility bill. For all these reasons, older small homes were frequently built with a wall fan in the kitchen, where the temperature quickly got hot.

Inline Duct Blowers

Inline duct blowers are the exhaust fan you want if you need several entry points, such as for a large bathroom. You’ll want this fan if you need the outlet point to be far from the extraction point. You’ll also want this blower if you need to cool and ventilate large spaces or if you want the exhaust function to happen quietly.

HVLS Industrial and Commercial Ceiling Fans

HVLS fans push warm air down from the ceiling during cold months, and they keep things cooler in the hot months.

Explosion Proof Fans

These hard-wired enclosed box fans suit various outdoor building types.

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