Finding Reliable Autism Treatment In Miami FL

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Autism is something that cannot be cured, but behaviors and symptoms can be controlled and managed in several ways. These medical treatments include behavioral interventions, medications, and lifestyle/dietary changes. Because there is no known cause of autism, it is not easy to tell which Autism Treatment in Miami FL will work for specific children.

Understanding autism

For parents, national autism support groups say it’s often a matter of trial and error before finding a reliable treatment that works better for their child. Anti-psychotics, anti-hypertensives, and anti-epileptics are the three types of drugs used to control behavior in children with autism. Although many of them have been used with autistic children for years, there hasn’t been much research to prove their statistical effectiveness. Finding the right Autism Treatment in Miami FL isn’t easy at all.


Antipsychotics are generally used to control symptoms in psychiatric patients, but they have been proven to be effective in treating aggressive and violent behavior in children with autism, although autism is not a psychiatric disorder. Risperdal is the most commonly prescribed medication for autism. It helps to reduce explosive and violent behaviors.

Zyprexa is another antipsychotic often used for the treatment of autism. Seroquel offers the same benefits and side effects, but with less tendency to gain weight. Clozaril seems to have the same effects of Risperdal but has some serious side effects on bone marrow suppression.

Anti-epileptics and anti-hypertensives

Anti-epileptic brain activity helps patients with seizures. This also reduces aggressive and violent behaviors. Because there is a risk of liver injury or damage to the bone marrow with these drugs, patients need regular blood tests, especially if a child is using them.

Because anti-hypertensives are designed to lower blood pressure, it should also adjust violent outbreaks in children with autism, right? Wrong. No one really knows if these drugs work or not. Some of them have serious side effects and require monitoring.


Serotonin reuptake inhibitors are prescribed for people suffering from depression. They prevent the body from reabsorbing serotonin, prolonging the natural anti-depressant effect of the body. As with other medications used to treat autism, it’s not certain exactly how to reduce stereotyped SSRI and self-destructive behaviors, but they seem to work pretty well.

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