Favorable Qualities of a Staffing Agency for the Trucking Industry July 16, 2019 0 Comments Employment Agency

Favorable Qualities of a Staffing Agency for the Trucking Industry

Are you the owner or manager of a trucking company? If so, you may need temporary employees to drive trucks in your fleet. Naturally, you want to work with a staffing agency that can find you the best candidates to work for your company. Discover three qualities to look for as you evaluate staffing companies that can help you hire temporary drivers.

When you look at a staffing company, you want to find that it has a long record of filling temporary positions for truck drivers. There are specific steps in finding and hiring a qualified truck driver. A staffing agency doesn’t have to specialize in filling these types of positions, but it must have a record of success in your industry.

When you evaluate a trucking staffing agency Orange Park FL, part of the evaluation should involve customer service. Are all of the staff members knowledgeable about the process of finding qualified truck drivers? Are your calls or emails answered in a timely manner? You should expect a staffing agency to give you effective, courteous service so your trucking company can continue to operate with efficiency.

A thorough background check done by a staffing company should include a truck driver’s qualifications, accident record, medical issues and more. A trucking staffing agency Orange Park FL will conduct a thorough background check, so you have peace of mind about the qualifications of your temporary drivers. If you like a person’s performance, there’s a chance you could offer him or her a permanent position at your company.

Lastly, the most important thing about working with a staffing agency is you feel at ease about the quality of service.