A Guide on Same Day DTF printing in Chicago, IL

by | May 16, 2024 | DTF Printing

Direct To Film (DTF) printing is probably the best way to print customized designs onto t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, and other fabrics. DTF transfers are fast and durable. However, imagine a scenario where you needed same-day DTF printing. What would you consider when choosing a printer? If you are a Chicago, IL resident, continue reading for valuable insights.

Assess the Printer’s Reputation

Reputation is a vital concern when you need same-day DTF printing in Chicago, IL. Social media and Google My Business reviews provide valuable information on how the company treats its customers. Nevertheless, you must conduct further analysis to determine whether the company can fulfill same-day DTF printing. For instance, does the company have adequate machines and personnel? Does the company provide guarantees on the printing? What materials does the company deal with? Does the company offer additional services like shipping? It ensures you receive your fabric on time.

Carefully Examine the DTF Transfer Process

How does the company conduct DTF printing? Although you want the fabric printed in one day, you do not want the print to fade or wash off after a few washes. Start by inquiring about the inks used during DTF printing. Water-based inks are preferable since they adhere to the fabric, reducing the possibility of damage and peeling during washing. The company must also observe the required preparation techniques. For example, synthetic materials need pre-treatment and pressing before applying DTF transfers.

Axo Transfers is your one-stop shop for all same-day DTF printing in Chicago, IL. The company has state-of-the-art printing machines and employs modern technology to ensure the DTF print lasts long. What’s more? The company has a reasonable pricing structure.

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