3 Tips Beginning Players Should Know About Buying a Violin in Atlanta April 28, 2021 0 Comments Violin Shop

3 Tips Beginning Players Should Know About Buying a Violin in Atlanta

Learning a new instrument requires buying the instrument you intend to play before you can start lessons. When you’re ready to start shopping for Violins For Sale In Atlanta, GA, it’s important to know how to get a good deal. These tips can help you in buying a new violin.

Avoid Online Deals

Unless you’re ordering a violin from an established instrument dealer or wholesaler, you should avoid buying violins or any musical instrument online. In particular, avoid buying from a private seller. Pictures don’t always tell the whole truth, and photo editing software can help sellers cover up faults with the instrument.

Take a Test Drive

Before you put down any money on your new violin, test it out. Playing the instrument ahead of time will help you make sure it is in good condition, but that’s not the only reason to test it out. You should also make sure it physically fits well in your possession and it feels right as you play. You should also pay attention to the sound since each violin produces its own unique voice.

Get a Copy of the Return Policy

After working with your new violin for a few days, you may find that you really don’t like it. As long as it’s still in “like new” condition, you should be able to return it. Make sure the seller will allow you to return the instrument within 14 to 30 days. When shopping violins for sale in Atlanta, GA, be sure to ask each dealer about their return policy, and you should ask for a copy of the policy if you do buy from them.