2 Special Types Of Gerber Gear Knives You Should Consider Acquiring

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Business

Gerber Gear is one of the top leading knife manufacturers when it comes to durability and performance. Since 1910, Gerber Gear has been manufacturing state-of-the-art and high-performance knives that can protect you and your family from danger. Perhaps you are wondering about the types of knives this manufacturer makes. Perhaps it is your first time acquiring a knife and are wondering which types of Gerber Gear knives you should consider procuring. Here are 2 special types of Gerber knives you should consider acquiring and their uses.


The flatiron knife is best suitable for utility purposes. Its 3.8-inch cleaver blade with a full knife length of 8.5-inches can be folded safely and securely when not in use. One of the best features of this particular type of knife is its reverse curvature design, which allows you to cut and chop with accuracy and precision. Gerber’s Flatiron knife also has a thumb hole feature for one-hand opening operation, offering unmatched convenience in situations where multitasking is a must.

Auto Drop-Point Serrated

Another Gerber knife you should consider procuring is the auto drop-point serrated knife. This knife was designed with speed in mind, a necessary element in defense or tactical situations. This self-defense knife has an overall length of 8.6-inches and a blade length of 3.7-inches. Its most distinct feature is its over-sized release button, allowing you to deploy the blade quickly and automatically even while wearing gloves.

Reputable and Reliable

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